Appetite stimulant:
Liv.52 Vet is an appetite stimulant that increases and restores appetite in animals.
Liv.52 Vet stabilizes the hepatic cell membrane and promotes repair and regeneration of the liver and also protects the liver from toxins,
drugs and chemicals.
Liv. 52 Vet also enhances the secretory and synthetic activity of the liver, which facilitates the overall metabolism of the body.
Regeneration of liver cells:
The drug restores the architecture and function of the damaged liver by promoting the regeneration of liver cells.
Anorexia of varied etiologies.
Drug/toxin induced liver damage.
Cotreatment with anthelmentics.
Supportive in liver disorders like jaundice and hepatitis.

Liv.52 Vet Tabs

Liv.52 Vet Tabs

Hepotoprotective and
metabolic stimulant

Key Ingredients

Cattle, buffaloes, camels and horses :1-2 bolus twice daily
Calves, heifers, pigs, goats, sheep and foals :½ - 1 bolus twice daily