• English Walnut invigorates and exfoliates
    your skin for a warm feel and a radiant look.

  • Wood Apple removes dead skin cells with its mild exfoliating action.

  • Nutmeg Oil gently exfoliates and supports cellular regeneration.

  • Ginger Root Oil soothes, comforts and balances the skin.

  • Basil Oil is used for its soothing herbal scent and comforting action.

Himalaya Botanique Exfoliating Walnut & Wood Apple Face Scrub is formulated with gentle cleansing ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells and refine rough textures. Designed to renew the skin and leave it looking radiant, it is a true marriage of ancient wisdom and sophisticated scientific research using time-tested ingredients.

Moisten face and massage all over, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse and pat dry. Not recommended for acne-prone skin.