Pilex Ointment

Pilex Ointment

The medical answer to
a surgical problem

Pilex is a topical therapy that promotes faster healing of haemorrhoids. Its analgesic action helps relieve pain, and the soothing action facilitates the smooth evacuation of feces.


Key Ingredients

Promotes overall bowel health

•  Offers local analgesic action

•  Controls irritation and itching

•  Facilitates smooth evacuation

Apply before and after evacuation of the bowel with the help of an applicator.
Halal certified

How soon will I be able to see effects?

Results vary among individuals. It is highly recommended to apply Pilex for at least 1 week to achieve the best results.  


Are there any side effects for long term use?

Pilex is not known to have any side effects when applied according to the recommended dosage and frequency. All the ingredients are tested and approved to ensure safety. Hence, Pilex is safe for long term use.